Keeping a Roof Over Your Head

When you fall behind on your rent or mortgage payments, foreclosure and eviction may seem inevitable. But you may have more options than you think. At AGORA Community Services in Chicago, Illinois, we offer everything from housing counseling to foreclosure help, giving you the tools and resources you need to get back on your feet. Our team walks with you every step of the way and works with you until your problem is resolved.

Turn to Us If You

Are Behind in Your Mortgage | Have Received Court Notice of Foreclosure | Have Received Notice of Sale on Your Home | Owe More Than the Value of Your Home

HOME Owner-Mortgage Default Counseling & Workshops

If you are facing foreclosure, don’t give up and give in or leave your Home.  Know ALL of your OPTIONS first. You may still have other options that can help you keep your home. We review your mortgage or promissory note to find alternative solutions as well as possible housing assistance programs. Our goal is to keep you and your family in your home, improve your relationship with your lender, and prevent future occurrences.

If you want to purchase a HOME?  We offer the 8-Hour Home Buyer Education Certification Classes 

HOME Buyer Education Counseling

Interactive On-Line and Classroom 8-Hour Home Buyer Education Certificate 

One-on-One Housing assistance that will walk through the process with you from purchase, closing and after Closing to learn how to protect our investment.

DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE:  There is assistance to help you purchase a home.  You may be able to combine downpayment assistance funds with various assistance opportunities. 

Join a Community Equity Association to learn how to grow and protect your home value.

8-Hour Home Buyer Certificate Classes | Budget Preparation | Training | & Coaching | Strategies to Increase Your Savings & Decrease Your Expenses | In-Person & Telephone Coaching Sessions Up to & After Closing | Down Payment Assistance Program | Fair & Affordable Housing Assistance

Rental Counseling

Whether you are facing eviction or wondering about rent-to-own options, we have the answers you need. Our advisors ensure you understand your rental rights and responsibilities and give you valuable resources that can help you retain your housing. If you have recently aged-out as a ward of the State, we also provide counseling to prepare you for successful independent living and future homeownership.

Transitional Housing Counseling

When you have no other option than to leave your home, turn to our housing specialists. We help you leave your property the right way while providing crisis budget counseling, giving you access to resources and referrals that will sustain you during the transition period.

During the process, our team offers credit awareness counseling to help you become a well-informed homeowner and get you on the path to being mortgage-ready again. We work with you to rebuild your credit score, restore your finances, and establish responsible credit management techniques. Foreclosure or eviction is not the end of homeownership. With our help, you can buy another home for your family.

Post-Modification Counseling

Mortgage modification can make your monthly mortgage payments far more affordable, but it can also add an extra layer of confusion to an already difficult process. After your receive your Final Modification, we tell you what things may cause your payments to change and what to do if you receive a confusing mortgage statement.

Financial Literacy Counseling

Learn how to stay on top of your finances. Our counselors train you how to manage your housing costs and give you the tools you need to make strong financial decisions. We also keep you up to date on temporary, stable, and continuum housing options for individuals and families.

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