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Announcing : An Exciting New Interactive -8 Hour Home Buyer Education Weekly Classes

We know you are busy !   We know you live in a City that can get really, really cold:  Well, it is finally HERE!  Get your Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet out — and complete your Home Buyer Education Class to satisfy requirements for our Home Loan or Reverse Mortgage Counseling Session. 

FREE :  Step by Step Education Sessions that will Educate you and answer questions like . . . 

 – – – Am I ready to buy my home?

– – – What is the next step for me to become ready to buy my home?

– – – Why wont my CREDIT SCORE GROW?– How can a good score can help me – How to maintain my CREDIT & maintain it.

– – – Creating a BUDGET and managing my BUDGET as a financial tool.

– – – How can I increase my SAVINGS to purchase a home — HELP?

If you would like an energetic, informative, fun-filled and a platform to ask questions,  make comments and listen to presentations by professionals like community Lenders, Realtors, Home Inspectors, Insurance Companies and even representatives from the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, this Educational Program was made with you in mind. 

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